Sunday, December 22, 2013

Frickin' Festive 3x5K

It was a great morning to get FRICKIN' FESTIVE! Go Far put on our 1st Annual Frickin' Festive 3x5K. We got a great group of runners out, with some fast folks getting the win and some really awesome costumes!! Caroline Angel's took home the win in a blistering 56:47. We also had amazing costumes on the course, with the Old Skool team showing up in some outfits that really were keepin' it legit, and The Primary Color Pimps showed us how color was done.

Huge thanks first of all to the volunteers who helped us make sh!t happen. Karin and Marcia were our pro timers, Ernesto and Mike were out there marking the course and directing traffic, and David and Mike B. were also helping to direct traffic.

Special thanks to Mike Suto, who was the idea guy on this race and came up with this fun concept. He also was essential for planning, setting up the morning of, and helped make sure all the details were in place.

For photos, please visit the Photos page! For full results, please visit the Results page!!